Juniors Programs


Glenbrook Racquet Club is the perfect place to start your child on a life long love of tennis. We have programs designed for children of all ages, as young as 2-3 years old and all the way through High School and into College.

The Juniors Program Consists of Three Levels:


The Foundation Level is offered at our sister location Glenbrook Paddle Club, to students who want to learn tennis at an early age. It is designed to promote FUN while learning the basics of the sport. In order to incorporate proper techniques for our young players, we feature the following:


  • Low compression balls
  • Age appropriate equipment
  • USTA regulation sized youth court
The Foundation Level consists of four levels:

Motion Locomotion – designed for 2-3 years old, this program keeps the kids moving and having fun

Starters – for elementary school age children that are interested in learning the basics of the sport

Players – for kids that have learned the basics and are ready to learn serve and rally techniques

Qualifiers – this level is for advanced students that are considering tennis as a sport in school


The Development Level is offered to students who want to experience the FUN of tennis and learn how to play this sport. It is designed to develop a solid foundation around the technique of the sport. All classes are taught on a 72 foot court using the “yellow” balls.

The Development Level consists of six levels:

Challengers – This program emphasizes technically correct strokes and teaching the students the basics of match play

Futures – Once the student has developed all four of the basic strokes this program begins taking the student’s tennis career to the next level.

Advanced Futures – For Futures level players that are older, this program prepares for tournament competition and making school teams

Junior High Training (JHT) – We offer two types of classes at this level, one for students that are focused on making school teams and one for students that are “late bloomers” that want to try the sport or simply enjoy the social elements of the game

High School – This program’s focus is on training for High School competition. We emphasize stroke production, doubles match play working with the students to understand the competitive side of tennis.

TEAM GRC – This program is for students that are interested in competing regularly in USTA tournaments. Offered in two different levels it is an INVITE ONLY PROGRAM.


The Performance Level program is offered to the student that is serious about tennis. Here the student is committed to improving their tennis game and has made tennis their primary sport. This program develops advanced technical and strategic tennis skills to improve their performance in tournament and competitive match play. Players must have the approval of the Performance Program Director before entering this program.

The Performance Level consists of three levels: Performance, High Performance, and Xtreme

Performance – To be able to enroll in this level, the student must have a COMPARABLE UTR of 3.5 – 6.0 and have the Coaches Approval

High Performance – To enroll in this level the student must be a HIGH positioned VARSITY Player or a minimum of a 5.0 UTR rating and must have Coaches Approval

Xtreme – Players must be atleast a UTR of 7.0 or higher to participate and must be approved by one of our Academy Director before enrollment.