About FIT Tennis

GRC has now introduced our very own FIT Tennis Class. If you want to get a different kind of a tennis workout and add fitness to your on-court program than FIT Tennis is for you. Fit Tennis is a fun group class featuring tennis drills, and on-court cardio footwork and strength drills to give all players of all levels the best high-energy workout in an hour. Both men and women are invited to sign up! All classes are choreographed to music to help motivate the player to work hard and push past their limit. The one-hour class includes a warm-up, cardio workout, cool-down. This class is a great new way to get in shape, burn calories, and have a viable alternative to visiting the fitness center for a cardiovascular workout. Call today to sign up … you’ll be glad you did!

Features of FIT Tennis:
Participants consistently elevate their heart rate into their aerobic training zone.
A one-hour class burns more calories than playing in a singles or doubles match.
Its all about the work-out while at the same time playing tennis!
Its interval training with short cycles of high intensity workout and periods of rest

FIT Tennis Schedule
Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 am