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Whether you are playing to enhance your skills, improve your competitive play amongst your friends, to keep yourself in shape, or just for the social elements, Glenbrook Racquet Club offers an array of programs for the beginner, the intermediate, or the seasoned player.

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Tennis Pro

Antonio Pena

Tennis Pro

Carlos Benito

Tennis Pro

Cole Conner

Tennis Pro

Gary Thomas

Tennis Pro

Jenny Nolan

Tennis Pro

Jeremy Sonkin

Tennis Pro

Maribeth Rivera

Tennis Pro

Mary Melton

Tennis Pro

Samson Ahinakwa

Tennis Pro

Taras Germanyuk

important things

  • Foam/Red Ball
  • Orange Ball
  • Green ball
  • yellow ball
  • Tournament training camp
  • College training camp
  • 10 weeks from June 7th – August 13th
  • Half days / Full days
  • Drills, footwork, match pay
  • Quarter day: 9-10:30am or 10:30-12pm
  • Half day: 9-12pm or 1-4pm
  • Full day: 9-4pm

Summer camp

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We hope that you enjoy your visit with us and that you will find Glenbrook Racquet Club to be like your “home away from home”.

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