Transitioning from a recreational player to a competitive player

Do you desire to play recreational tennis or competitive tennis?

What is a recreational player?

Someone who loves tennis, enjoys the sport and wants to play at a level where they can play with their friends, play high school tennis and then play later in life.

What is a competitive player?

Someone who loves tennis to the point that their goal is to play VARSITY tennis in High School, strive to play College Tennis at a D1- D3 school and beyond.

What is great about the sport of tennis is that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. You can play as a recreational player or a competitive player as tennis offers you an opportunity for all levels of competition.

Several things must be considered before you make this transition … ask yourself these questions:

How good do you want to be?

Do you want to play tennis in High School?

  • Junior Varsity?
  • Varsity?

Do you want to play College Tennis?

  • Division 1, 2, or 3?
  • Club Team Tennis

Do you want tennis to be a part of your life forever?

  • Recreationally?
  • Private Club/Park District playing ?

To make the transition from a recreational player to a competitive player you must have passion for this sport.


What do you need to make this transition?

Desire Determination Dedication

Known as the three “D’s”

These three D’s are the things that a player needs to possess to be able to push yourself when you don’t feel like working hard on any given day. They are the three things that push you over the hump when you need to push yourself to the limit.

In addition, all recreational players who choose to move to the next level must possess the desire to COMPETE. This means that you must play a lot of matches as match play is the one thing that ties all your stroke production, your group programs and your private lessons together. It is the thing that allows us to learn the game while in the heat of the battle. Match Play at your club as an “intra club” program and then match play by entering USTA or UTR tournaments is a must.

Competition can be comprised of singles or doubles at either the HighSchool Level on the JV or Varisty team and then individual competition where you would participate in tournaments that are offered around the area by the USTA. The tennis certified program that embodies the whole world of tennis.

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